MOEJOE™ RUFF ELEMENTS 3" vinyl figure is designed by AAFK and comes in a random assortment of 5 different characters plus 1 secret special character.

MOEJOE™ SOFT VINYL • Ruff Elements Blind Box

  • MoeJoe™ Ruff Elements features MoeJoe™ the scaredy pup exploring and discovering 5 elements. This way, through Fire, Metal, Wood, Water and Earth, MoeJoe™ will find the adventures and the lessons he needs face his fears and become the ultimate good boy.

    However, as you should have expected, we have an obscure secret character that balances all the 5 elemental of MoeJoe™ versions. Find the secret MoeJoe™ and you too will find the balance in your life you have always looked for!*

    *Feature may or may not be true. If it really happens, we called it. If it doesn't we were just playing. 


    In the collection you will find:

    • Rocato, Fire.

    • Berserk, Metal

    • Saski, Wood.

    • Cardi-Raptor, Earth.

    • Loch, Water.

    • Paco, Secret Character


    Blind box contains one character and one character card with more of the character's story.