BARETIME™ is designed by AAFK and is a 3" Blind Box comes in a random assortment of 7 regular charactes and 1 Special Secret Character.


  • BARETIME™ brings the new Bare-Vision to bring you the alternative universe version of the wild characters from your streets. A world of Bare talents hustling hard to become the top of the top and smash the competition. In the BARETIME™ crew everyone from the graffiti writer, to the bboy and the MC they are all waiting to get it on on their next piece, the next cypher to see who's bringing the A game to the street. BARETIME™ gives props to those creatives that bring innovation to their craft.


    8 Characters to Collect! In series 1 you will find:

    • B-Bare Funk, Bboy

    • Missy Bricks, Graff girl

    • Juzzy-B Face, MC

    • B-Wax Mixer Kul, DJ

    • Boogie Trik, MC

    • BC Bust, Skater

    • Bass Mugz, DJ

    • MR. G-Blaster, Secret Special Character


    Blind box contains one character and one character card with more of the character's story.