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MJ doesn't only stand for Michael Jackson

Officially introducing Moe Joe: The first baby that came out of the tireless labor of AAFK, a Macau-Costa Rica street duo, the two creative brains behind it all.

You've seen the Moe Joes, it’s splattered all over the website, but just in case, here is a little something to remind you:

Taking a trip down the nostalgia lane, these bad boys are made of soft vinyl, and sits at a stretch of three inches tall. The collectables come in five different themes with a mystery sixth character, all waiting to be unboxed. Which one would you get? Who knows? Unboxing the characters would be the very first surprise. You’d have to be really lucky to collect them all.

Each of these rich personalities are a representation of the five elements in Chinese belief: Metal, Wood, Water, Wind, and Earth. Just like us, there are different aspects of Moe Joe, and only together do they become a unified whole.

The source of the inspiration came from the furry third member of the gang, a four years old rescue dog called Macho, whose name means “blond” in Costa Rican. Discovered at the tender age of two months old, Macho was adopted by AAFK and slowly (very slowly), but surely, assimilated into his new family and became an indispensable member of the pack. The shadows of his dark, abandoned past still haunts him at times, but with each passing day, Macho grows more and more confident from the outpouring of love, patience, and understanding. With each passing day, a new aspect of Macho is discovered as he grows more secure in his environment, meet new people, and make new friends. AAFK hopes to share his story by introducing it into what they know best: Collectables. Thus, Moe Joe and all its very special Ruff Elements was born!

Moe Joe is still afraid of things like sunlight and electrical buzzing things. He loves stinky gross snacks, and digging in the sand like there’s no tomorrow. He now spends his days with his crew as a lookout while his pack is painting, making sure his drawings make him look handsome, enjoying his favorite beanbag at home, and being photographed daily for the gram.

And just like Macho, Moe Joe and every member of the Ruff Elements has tales and adventures of their own. But I’m not giving anything away, it’s a surprise! So, stay tuned for future updates on how their stories unfold.

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