Art Toy Fest Macau: Toy Academy 2021

We, at Nativo, were beyond excited and proud to have the opportunity to support Toy Academy in introducing the first international art toy exhibition in Macau – Toy Academy 2021 last December! We had partcipants from all over the world, including Costa Rica, Argentina, Colombia, Scotland, the UK, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and, of course, Macau. Their fabulous work was all showcased in a cozy venue in a pop-up market and an exhibition displaying unique pieces by all partcipants. Most of these pieces are available to the public to acquire both online and offline.

During the duration of the event, guided tours were also provided for visitors who wished to learn more about the art and culture, as well as to get to know about the artists. Toy Explorer joined us for the week to document and present their on-site tours on video, uploaded on YouTube, for easy viewing. Check out their channel if you want to take a look at the toy exhibit from their point of view! Video in cantonese language only for now!

From our side, this occasion was a great opportunity to display two of Nativo’s dearest additions to the Moe Joe and BareTime family: The BareTime G-Blaster and the Moe Joe Espectro. Found in our blind box series, BareTime’s G-Blaster is our special and mysterious character that’s always saving planets and keeping the universe safe with of wack hip hop styles and vibes as the inter galactic champion of pop and lock. But things might’ve gotten a little out of hand in the world lately, so now he has become the G-Blaster E.I.A. Standing 7 inches tall, this new mecha Bare is hand-painted and made of resin. He is now available as a limited edition at our shop.

Moe Joe Espectro takes a much more mystical point of view and is an exploration of the all-natural flow of things that brings us peace and balance. Inspired by cascading water gliding down rocks to find streams, this chrome-plated resin figure stands 6.5 inches, where lights, colors, and images mirror off the sleek surface and curves to offer the most gratifying pathways to travel on this spectral sculpture. Not only was it featured during the event, it was also a very special gift for an exclusive raffle during the event.

We are absolutely thrilled to see this kick off with such success despite the setback of the pandemic, but the turn-out both online and offline was simply spectacular! Nativo hopes to mark this as an opportunity to build up a connection between east and west, as well as to promote the art toy culture we are passionate about.

Macau Art Toy Fest will be back again November 2022. Stay tuned! And don’t be afraid to reach out if you are interested in collaborating with us!

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Check out a cool reel here:

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