Good Bye 2020, Helloooo 2021!

2020 has been a harsh year for us all. If we hashtagged everything and listed them all out, it'll be as long as a full-blown article - Nay, perhaps even an essay! Since we're keeping everything short and sweet, let's focus on that.

Things has been bad, we know. But we're of a mind that it's always darkest before dawn. Everyone is doing their best to survive the year (and what comes after), so let's focus on the positive.

To set us off all in a good mood, here is a sweet picture of our newest member of the gang, hanging out with his new bff:

Warning: Social distancing and wearing masks are still important!

"When times are difficult, think about adorable animals." - Gandhi

Alright, he didn't really say that (or as far as we know). But those are wise words indeed, and since Gandhi is a wise man, he might as well have said it. Logic!

Having said that, let's kick off the year by wishing us all good riddance to 2020, and welcome 2021 with absolute positive thinking!

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