AAFK - The Wizards of Oz

Meet AAFK, the creative brains behind Moe Joe and Bare Time.

A Macau-Costa Rica street duo, AAFK is made up of two members whose cultural difference clashes in the most dynamic way, creating compelling and innovative artworks as result. They take to the streets, reaching people through graffiti culture and public art. With their inventive minds, AAFK envisions imaginary nature inspired through Chinese and Latino influences to explore our connection with nature to find what makes us unique yet inseparable at the same time.

Having been active for over five years, AAFK captivates the public with visually stunning art in bold imagery and loud hues. With influences in street culture, other artists, anime, pop culture, and vintage art, they have developed their own distinctive style, drawing inspiration from everything that talks about their generation and their identity. Having worked as graphic designers, they are also inspired by their tools, Photoshop and Illustrator, to produce work that achieves effects with gradients and textures in the real world. They’ve collaborated in various events with different artists from around the world in cities all over Asia, and hopes to hit more cities in the future.

ANHZ, also known as Anny, was born and grew up in Macau, a cultural fusion of Chinese and Portuguese culture. Ever since a child, she has a passion for art. After graduating high school, she went to Melbourne, Australia for university where she took a degree in animation. While studying in university there, she became interested in street art and street culture, becoming friends with the local bboys and street artists. It is there where she started painting in the street. ANHZ continued to foster this hobby after graduation, where she worked as a full-time graphic designer for more than ten years. The experience helped enrich her work, and later as a toy designer when she teamed up with FEW.

From Costa Rica in Central America, FEW, otherwise known as Felipe, is a Latino-Chinese designer and illustrator based in Hong Kong since 2010 and had spent his time working in brand and product development for children toy brands. FEW started doing street art since 2015, hitting the streets of Hong Kong as he splatters the walls with his artistic imagery of fantastic stone animals. This art exploration has taken FEW to paint in different cities and collaborate with different artists from around the world.

FEW and ANHZ teamed up, becoming AAFK, bringing together their experience and creating the most dynamic clash of creativity and ideas. In 2020, AAFK found the opportunity to move to Macau, where they launched Nativo Toy Workshop, an art toy project that inherits their love of animal imagery in resin and soft vinyl formats, traditional mediums for the art toy category. Their goal is simple: to create an art toy brand made in Macau, establish its culture in the local market, and introduce it to an international audience.

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