We got the facebook reminder some days ago and of course we didn't feel the time go by! We've been spending our time chasing the opportunities to share our babies, working on new ideas, merchandise, and even planning an event for coming August and we'll be telling you all about it very soon.

All this time we've been getting together with local talents in Macau, reaching out to other fellow artists in Costa Rica, and even over instagram with friends on the other side of the planet sharing experiences, and talking and planning ideas for how to cooperate and build things together. The world is big but we're trying to make it small with our obsession with toys and all the art that branches out from it.

Still, please go ahead, click everywhere, check these toys out and please place your orders if you like what you see. We appreciate your support and we're stoked about sharing our first collectibles with you guys.


Also please go to the right side of this page to find our links to facebook and instagram where we're the most active and responsive. And finally, please check our blog where we are doing our best to share with you guys what we're up to. Site is getting updated bit by bit, thanks for the patience and understanding!

Note: All prices are in USD