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AAFK are the creators of MoeJoe™ and BareTime™ and they are an artist duo based in Hong Kong, formed by ANHZ, aka Anny, from Macau, China, and FEW, aka Felipe, from Costa Rica, Central America.


ANHZ and FEW as AAFK are at the moment two active artists in the city, painting consistently for the last 5 years, either in the streets and dirty alleys in the city, or joining graffiti and street art events all across China, meeting all kinds of artists and discovering styles and cultures.


AAFK’s aim is to portrait imaginary flora and fauna through the eyes of the Chinese and Latino influences that have been so present in both of their lives and experiences. Just that in this case, AAFK have taken the challenge to bring their style from the walls on the streets to the vinyl and the resins, to translate that visual story to a new medium for a new experience of their work.


Some work by AAFK

Nago for MOS Costa Rica, Hong Kong.
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Humberstreet Sesshions Hull, UK.
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Come To Play, Xiamen, China
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